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Thursday JUN, 22 2017
Clinician Opportunity
Stars Behavioral Health Group

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Main Address
Stars Behavioral Health Group
1501 Hughes Way
Suite 150
Long Beach, CA 90810

Job Location: Victorville,CA

Phone: (310) 221-6336
Fax: (310) 221-6350
Contact: here

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Clinician Opportunity

Job Location: Victorville,CA

Job Description
Job Title: Clinician
Area of Interest: Client Services
City: Victorville
State / Province: California
Position Type: Part Time - Regular

MFT or LCSW intern. License preferred.

License or Certification

Valid California Driver's License.

Other Qualifications Required:

Ability to relate to youth and adults with emotional disturbances and their families.

Ability to drive to and from client's homes and elsewhere in personal vehicle.

Ability to perform clear and concise documentation.

Knowledge of Community Resources, especially related to the Mental Health field, is highly desirable to make appropriate linkages.

Specialized Skills

Ability to interact and communicate both verbally and in writing with seriously emotionally disturbed adolescents, parents, foster parents, care takers, schools, other staff, physicians, county agencies, other health care providers and the public.

Demonstrated understanding of psychiatric illness and its treatment.

Demonstrated organization and management skills.

Demonstrated understanding and knowledge of community services and county agencies preferred.

Ability to develop ongoing relationships with referral sources and interface with County Mental Health Departments and Educational Districts.

Physical Requirements

Ability to visually and audibly assess adolescent's behavior and needs.

Potential Job Hazards

Assaultive clients

Blood and Body Fluid Contact (Category I)

Operation of vehicle.

Job Description:

1. Interviews consumers to team with mental health professionals in determining the needs of individuals or groups on a walk-in/telephone basis; responds to potential suicide or other emergency telephone calls;

2. Describes basic services to consumers;

3. Discusses goals and objectives of proposed treatment plans and establishes contract with consumer;

4. Assists consumer in recognizing and solving conditions in the consumer's environment which may contribute to mental health problems;

5. As part of a team, counsels individual consumers and groups to develop social adjustment skills and to increase consumer resolution of identified problems.

6. Visits clients, individually or as part of a team, in a variety of living situations to help assess the mental health needs of individuals and families, to observe progress, provide counseling, gather data, and report significant changes in the client's condition to designated professional staff;

7. Places clients who may have difficulty caring for themselves into an appropriate care or treatment facility.

8. Refers clients to appropriate resources and/or makes appointment with mental health professional(s) for diagnosis and evaluation;

9. Assists the client, family, and other concerned individuals in filing for and obtaining various kinds of assistance such as financial, housing, or legal;

10. Monitors consumer services to insure that a continuum of services is available.

11. Availability by phone to assist in crisis intervention and provide support and assistance in problem resolution.

12. Gathers data from consumer/family interviews, past records, other information, to gain understanding and verification of previous disorders and treatment episodes;

13. Refers clients to physicians for medication, observation, and treatment; advocates for the consumer;

14. Consults with other individuals and groups regarding services available within the Mental Health Department and specific needs of particular clients.

15. May provide direction to volunteers interested in performing services in programs;

16. Acts as a liaison between the program and other agencies, departments, organizations, and community groups; may act as an agency representative to community organizations.

17. Schedules or assists in the scheduling of needed transportation for consumer services;

18. Maintains records and writes reports and summaries for consumer records or other documentation including care status, care reviews, case management plans, summaries, and reports;

19. Prepares correspondence and special reports as necessary;

20. Attends in-service workshops and training.

21. Leads staff members involved in care of clients on caseload in regards to fulfillment of therapeutic interventions, as specified in Client Care Plan. This includes leading collaborative efforts such as team meetings and treatment case consults.

22. Responsible for assessing Client for appropriateness, including assessing for medical necessity and safety. Reviews diagnosis with MD and completes all assessment documentation, as well as MHSA and DMH required documentation (initial, quarterly and annual updates).

23. In conjunction with Client, develops care plan (Treatment Plan), which involves goals that are Specific, Measurable and Quantifiable. Solicits input from Care Team and leads Team to ensure care plan goals and interventions are monitored and carried out; adding new care plan goals as needed. Ensures that Care Plan remains current, based on client need and goals, adjusting as need (reviewing quarterly and updating annually).

24. If PSC3 is a MFT-intern or LCSW-intern: Attend weekly supervision sessions with Licensed supervisor. When appropriate per Client stability and need, conducts weekly psychotherapy sessions with Clients, as specified in Client Care Plan.

25. This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive and the employee will also perform other reasonably related duties as assigned by the Clinical Supervisor or his/her designee as needed.

Company Information
Company History

In 1988, we began with three intensive, facility-based programs Star View Adolescent Center, Oasis Rehabilitation Center, and Starlight Rehabilitation Center. We developed each program in partnership with Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Santa Clara Counties to serve children, adolescents, and adults with serious emotional disorders in their respective communities.

In the early 1990's, we began offering an array of in-home and school-based services to support clients in transitioning from our facilities back into their communities. We now serve thousands of clients in community-based programs provided in homes, on school campuses and in partnership with other local agencies including full service partnerships and other support services that are funded by the Mental Health Services Act.

Today we offer a full continuum of community- and facility-based programs, as well as special education in public and nonpublic schools. We deliver a complete array of therapeutic services including outpatient, Day Treatment Intensive, and acute and subacute inpatient treatment all of which are grounded in clinically sound, best practices. We provide our services through contracts with county mental health, child welfare, and juvenile justice departments, as well as with public school districts.

Company Profile

We employ more than 1,000 behavioral health workers including psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors, social workers, nurses, rehab therapists, counselors, teachers, aides, and a range of paraprofessional staff.

We help several thousand children and families each year.

We offer over 30 specialized public mental health programs and a wide array of community-based support services in the following counties:

Alameda County
Los Angeles County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
Santa Clara County

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Stars Behavioral Health Group Victorville, CA - Clinician

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