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Friday SEP, 22 2017
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (FAIS) Opportunity
Choctaw Global Staffing

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Start Date: 06/01/2017
Job Type: Full Time
Program: Hospital

Job Location
Choctaw Global Staffing
Minot, ND 58704
Ward County
Contact: here

Main Address
Choctaw Global Staffing
70 NE Loop 410, Suite 400
San Antonio, TX 78216

Job Location: Minot,ND
Bexar County
Fax: 210-341-3455
Contact: here

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Fa
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Fa

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (FAIS) Opportunity

Job Location: Minot,ND

Job Description
The Air Force (AF) Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a medical program that enhances AF readiness by promoting family and community health and resilience. AF FAP also advocates for nonviolent communities. These objectives are accomplished through the use of broad-based education and awareness activities along with the identification and treatment of family maltreatment incidents. These services prevent family maltreatment from reducing the duty performance of AF members.

Education Required
Education: Masterís degree from a Council on Social Work Education (CWSE) accredited school.

License: LCSW

Experience Required
Experience: Two years full-time post-masterís degree experience (within the last three years) in professional clinical counseling service programs to men, women, and children who are abusive or abused. Must also have experience as a group therapy facilitator or co-leader. FATM must have two years experience working with children, families, and groups in clinical or community organization settings; or as program manager, with demonstrated responsibilities in program planning with implementation of education and intervention services, and community collaboration. Experience working with professionals and agencies that provide community support and counseling intervention services to children and families.

Salary and benefits

Company Information
Choctaw Global is government contractor who provides LCSWs (and other healthcare specialties) to military treatment facilities (hospitals/clinics) throughout the United States.

Site Information
Minot AFB, Minot ND

How to apply:

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Choctaw Global Staffing Minot, ND - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (FAIS)

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