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Thursday JUN, 22 2017
Academic Support Opportunity
Boston Higashi School

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Main Address
Boston Higashi School
800 North Main Street
Randolph, MA 02368

Phone: 781-961-0800 Ext: 109
Contact: here

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Academic Support
Day Care Teacher
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Academic Support Opportunity

Job Description
Job ID: 2761034

Job Description

JOB GOAL: To assist and support special education classroom teachers with the academic needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The academic support position will contribute to a wide-range of teaching and learning activities that enhance academic learning for all students.


1. Discuss assigned duties with lead teachers in order to contribute to instructional efforts.

2. Support teachers in gathering data to monitor student progress through a range of assessment activities.

3. Instruct children individually or in small groups within the academic lessons in accordance with students’ individual educational plans as directed by the special education teacher.

4. Responsible for direct care for individual students as needed

5. Participate in all student activities including: extensive physical exercise, and other various forms of exercise including lifting, standing, squatting and jogging one to three miles daily.

6. Supervise students in classrooms, halls, cafeterias, school yard and gymnasium or on field trips, or other areas as needed under the direction of the special education teacher.

7. Assist special education classroom teacher with preparation of materials needed for MCAS-Alternate Assessment, as well as inputting student data and assist in compiling student work as evidence of progress toward specified standards.

8. Prepare lesson materials, bulletin board displays, exhibits, equipment and demonstrations as directed by education staff.

9. Communicate effectively and work collaboratively as part of the school team in order to support student learning.

10. Assist and participate in the Boston Higashi School special events.

11. Comply with Boston Higashi School policies and procedures, and maintain respectful relationships with staff and other individuals involved with the students.

12. Maintain professionalism and confidentiality regarding students, co-workers and others and act as a positive role model for all students at all times.

13. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director of Curriculum and other team Supervisors.
Position Type: Full-time
Positions Available: 1
Salary: $16 Per Hour

Services provided

Company Information
Boston Higashi School, Inc. is the international program serving children and young adults with autism. Our philosophy is based upon the world-renowned tenets of Daily Life Therapy® developed by the late Dr. Kiyo Kitahara of Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Kiyo Kitahara's method provides children with systematic education through group dynamics, the intermingling of academics and technology, art, music and physical education. The goal of this educational approach is for individuals to achieve social independence and dignity, and to benefit from and contribute to society.

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Boston Higashi School Randolph, MA - Academic Support

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