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Thursday JUN, 22 2017
Internships Opportunity
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Ain Dah Yung

Ain Dah Yung

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Main Address
Ain Dah Yung
1089 Portland Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 651.227.4184
Fax: 651.224.5136

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Our Opportunities
Family Advocate
Residential Relief Youth Care Worke
Weekend Overnight Youth Care Worker

Internships Opportunity

Job Description
For undergraduate students, we have a number of available internship opportunities. We offer unique opportunities for learning and experience working with youth and adults, as well as an opportunity to work within a cultural context. Interns can gain experience in the areas of youth work, family systems, case management, and group work.

Duties and Responsibilities may include:

Providing direct care and supervision of youth residents
Facilitating intakes
Provide crisis interventions for youth and families
Develop and/or facilitate groups
Help develop therapeutic treatment plans for individuals and families
Assist youth and families with resource acquisition

Must be an undergraduate college student
ADYC is flexible with our internship opportunities. If you are interested in gaining experience working with American Indian youth and families please contact Sheri Riemers at 651.227.4184 ext.14 or

Services provided
Behavioral Health, Counseling-Children, Counseling-Family, Shelter-Women, Women's Issues

Company Information
The first American Indian school in St. Paul over twenty-seven years ago recognized that many of its students were homeless or in homes that were affecting their ability to attend school and succeed. Children and youth were often focused on survival and meeting basic needs. The majority of homeless children and youth were and continue to be American Indian. Out of these realities and the hard work of many early American Indian leaders and the generosity of funding partners, the Ain Dah Yung Center was born in 1983. The Ain Dah Yung Center led the way as the first agency to provide any form of culturally relevant focused services to any group. The Ain Dah Yung Centerís Emergency Shelter and empowering culturally relevant programs immediately proved to be much more utilized and effective than mainstream services for American Indian families. The Emergency Shelter established its own 501c3 non-profit status in 1991.

The Emergency Shelter provides culturally specific emergency shelter to American Indian youth (although welcomes all youth) who are homeless, runaway, in a family crisis, or involved with juvenile corrections. Services include: emergency and short-term shelter, crisis intervention, case and systems advocacy, information and referrals, access to medical/dental care, counseling, case management and community education.

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Ain Dah Yung St. Paul, MN - Internships

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