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When the employer responds to your resume, a copy of the Employer's contact information is stored in your personal 'Replies' section allowing you an easy follow-up method. When you reply to a job through our secure reply system, a copy of the job's details, including contact information, is automatically stored in your 'Replies' section. This allows you to review all transactions and easily follow-up when desired. Say you contacted the employer and set up an interview. In your replies section, you can type in the contact person's notes, interview time, etc. and view it anytime, anywhere. Put anything you want in there! You can even key in your own contacts of jobs you found elsewhere (our competition) and are considering! As an added benefit, a few days after you respond to a job, our system sends an automatic email follow-up to the employer, giving that employer a little extra 'push'. This includes your submission details, contact information and resume. Delete entries you are not interested in.

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Another great feature is our automatic 'Follow-Up' system. A few days after you reply to a job, sends another secure email to the employer for you, reminding that employer you expressed an interest. Within this email is your contact information allowing the employer to immediately respond back to you.

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