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Monday OCT, 22 2018
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Setting Up The Interview: If you are calling a potential employer, be sure it is quiet in the background. NEVER have a loud television, radio or conversation in the room you are in when making the call. Go to a quiet place. If the potential employer is contacting you and it is loud where you are, politely ask the potential employer to hold a moment while you go to that quiet place. Loud sounds in the background turn potential employers off, and can be considered a sign of disrespect.

Email Address: If you are responding to a job opening by email, take a look at your email address. An inappropriate email address can turn your potential employer off. Examples we have seen in the past are:,, If you have an inappropriate email address, you may wish to create a more appropriate "business friendly" address. There are a lot of free email centers out there. Check out Yahoo, Google or MSN Hotmail.

Show Up On Time! If you have time the day before your interview, test your bus or car route, and time it so you know the location and how long it will take to get there. Be sure to consider the possibility of rush hour or other delays. Few things are more irritating to the employer that when an applicant shows up late for an interview. Even 5 minutes. Showing up early can be OK as long as it is not too early, say 5 minutes.

Resume: Make it look professional. Check misspellings and grammar. Have someone read it over carefully and make suggestions. For many years, it has been the style to provide a one-page resume, giving only job related information. Including information such as hobbies and volunteer commitments can provide a great conversation during an interview. Good conversation typically translates to a great interview. Here are some sample resumes.

Be Likable: If the decision is between you and another candidate, the one with the better disposition will typically get the job. When no other viable candidate is available, an under qualified candidate with a good attitude still might get the offer, but a qualified, crabby and disorganized candidate usually will not.

Completing Application:
Salary/Pay Wanted: You may want to wait to reveal what salary or hourly pay you want when you complete an application. Indicating, "negotiable" may be a better approach. Some employers use these types of questions to eliminate candidates. If you are too high, you price yourself out of the competition, if you are too low, it may raise questions about whether you are truly qualified for the position or may make it more difficult for you to increase your salary in the future.
Neatness: Take your time completing the application, whether you're completing it by hand or online. A legible and well-written application goes much further than a sloppy one.

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