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Tuesday SEP, 25 2018
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The Women’s Home

The Women’s Home
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Contact: The Women’s Home
The Women’s Home
607 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006
Phone: 713.521.3150
Fax: 713.521.3191

The Women’s Home is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational, non-profit United Way agency. Founded in Houston in 1957, The Home’s reputation has grown alongside its facilities in both size and stature.

Today, The Home’s residential buildings include a dormitory, four transitional homes, “A Room of Her Own” apartments and a non-denominational chapel, the heart and soul of the residential block. All are located with easy access to support services and transportation routes. In addition, two commercial buildings house admissions, administration, volunteer services, the Life Learning Center and the Cottage Thrift Shop.

Within the Life Learning Center, The Home’s clients participate in comprehensive clinical, vocational and chemical dependency programs. They also receive job training in the on-campus Cottage Thrift Shop and administrative offices.

Years of research, professional collaboration and evidence-based practice are enabling The Women’s Home to become a nationally recognized model of excellence in residential rehabilitation.

Guiding You Throughout Your
Journey of Healing

The Women’s Home offers women an 18-month residential program that focuses on building the skills and self-confidence necessary to overcome mental illness and addiction and achieve self-sufficient living. The program is divided into three phases, each tailored to provide the
support a woman needs at each step on her path to healing.
Phase I: Main Dormitory/Intensive Treatment

Women who are new to the program live in a highly structured treatment environment in The Home’s 26-bed dormitory. During this first phase, residents receive intensive therapy, including weekly individual and group counseling, as well as weekly case management. Residents with substance abuse disorders are given assessments, counseling and assistance with relapse prevention and recovery life skills.

Women in Phase I also begin their vocational training, which focuses on developing essential business skills and behaviors, in The Home’s Cottage Thrift Shop or administrative office. Residents take part in volunteer-led classes on topics including basic computer skills, job search skills, budgeting, assertiveness and conflict resolution.

All residents attend bi-weekly ‘Goal Group’ meetings that help facilitate a goal-oriented style of living. Using the WholeLife Treatment Model developed by The Women’s Home, residents identify personal goals and strategies in six wellness areas: emotional/mental, physical, social, spiritual, vocational and financial. These groups provide support and encouragement as the women work to achieve their own personal objectives.

The Home’s optional Spiritual Development services ensure a wholistic model of care — healing body, mind and spirit. All residents are invited to participate in a variety of spiritual experiences to help them develop their own faith at their own pace. Non-denominational services are held in The Home’s chapel, which is the center of the residential block.

Bachelor’s-level staff are on site in the dormitory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain a safe environment. The facility is licensed as a supportive residential treatment program by the Texas Department of State Health Services and approved by the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

Vocational and clinical services take place at the Life Learning Center, located near the administrative office and within walking distance of the residential block.
Phase II: Transitional Home/Supportive Treatment

As women become employed or are in school full time (usually after four to six months), they transition to a group home. In this setting, residents increase their financial self-sufficiency by creating a budget, opening a savings account, paying rent and utilities and purchasing food. While women in this phase spend more time working with the Vocational Program, they continue to attend individual and group therapy sessions, chemical dependency groups, ‘Goal Group’ meetings, and weekly meetings with their case counselor. In this phase, they are strongly encouraged to work more intensively in family therapy and to invite their family members to attend a Family Therapy Weekend. The four transitional homes can accommodate a total of 24 women.
Phase III: A Room of Her Own

This phase offers a woman the opportunity to apply the coping skills she has acquired at The Home to deal with her substance abuse and/or mental illness in an environment that mirrors independent living. At this stage, usually during the final six months of her 18-month stay, a woman will be offered a room of her own in an apartment away from the main campus. Women in A Room of Her Own still attend 12-step meetings and family therapy and have access to all The Home’s support structures on an as-needed basis. As approved by staff, a woman may have her child visit for the weekend. Currently, this phase can accommodate six women, but The Home has funds to purchase two additional condominiums as they become available.
Aftercare Services

Aftercare services focus heavily on helping graduates overcome job-retention challenges through vocational support groups, but The Women’s Home also offers individual and family therapy on a short-term basis. Graduates are encouraged to return to The Home to use its computer facilities and support services.

Jane Cizik Garden Place

Providing a safe and affordable place for women to live when returning to independent lives was the logical next step to our program. The Women's Home recently opened an 87-unit, affordable housing complex for single, employed women.

The apartment complex provides women who have successfully completed our residential program and others like them with the opportunity to live independently in a drug-, smoke-, and alcohol-free environment. Residents will be require to pay a modest rent, must be employed and must follow The Women’s Home’s single-occupancy and other behavioral rules. A property manager is located at the facility to oversee its operations. Additionally, a case worker is onsite to provide residents with valuable information about community resources, including assistance with employment advancement, continuing education, and home ownership loans available to persons with low income, thus aiding residents to progress in educational, employment and social opportunities even after they begin independent living.

Services Provided

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