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Tuesday NOV, 13 2018
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Second Wind Fund, Inc.

Second Wind Fund, Inc.
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Contact: Second Wind Fund, Inc.
Second Wind Fund, Inc.
PO Box 260795
Lakewood, CO 80226
Phone: 303.988.5870
Fax: 720.962.0821

Scott Fletcher, Jeff Lamontagne, and Dr. Marjorie Laird founded SWF in 2002. In 2009 our flagship Affiliate, Second Wind Fund of Metro Denver (SWFMD), was formed to manage the local program in the six county Denver metro area. Second Wind Fund, Inc. continues to manage the national program and the Affiliates. Marjorie is the President of the Second Wind Fund, Inc. Board of Directors. Jeff served as Executive Director of the organization for 9 years and continues to be involved as a volunteer. Scott served on the SWFMD Board of Directors for 7 years, including a year as President.

While other suicide prevention organizations offer broad suicide prevention education and awareness, SWF offers actual treatment services to at-risk youth. It is essential that youth receive treatment immediately. SWF has built an innovative program to urgently match an at-risk youth, who may be displaying suicidal tendencies, with a therapist in their neighborhood. There is no red tape, no delays while insurance gets approved, and complete anonymity. If the referred teen does not have insurance or the means to pay for the necessary mental health treatment, the care is paid for by SWF.

When necessary, SWF clients have up to 20 sessions with a specialized, licensed therapist, as frequently as necessary until the teenís suicidal thoughts have turned to life-long coping skills.

The mission of Second Wind Fund, Inc. is to decrease the incidence of teen suicide nationally by removing financial and social barriers to treatment for all at-risk youth and to create a network of local Affiliates to provide such services in their own communities.

Inclusivity Statement
Toward this end, Second Wind Fund, Inc. actively seeks to promote access, equity, and inclusiveness. SWF has the conviction that inclusiveness benefits everyone and is not only compatible with but also promotes excellence.

How SWF Works

In order to be considered for a referral by the SWF, an individual must be 19 or under, at risk for sucide and be uninsured or under-insured for mental health services (and not on Medicaid). In a community that has a Second Wind Fund Affiliate program, a qualified referral source (i.e., school counselor, teacher, coach, faith leader, youth leader) concerned about a student would engage in the following process:

A qualified referral source (QRS) deems a student at least moderately ďat riskĒ for suicide and the studentís family does not have financial means (including adequate insurance) to pay for professional therapy. The QRS contacts the SWF Affiliate Program in their community.

After ensuring that the youth is a suicide risk, lacks financial means to pay for therapy, and is not on Medicaid, the SWF Affiliate assigns the student a referral number. If the student is on Medicaid, he or she is first referred to the county mental health association.

The QRS initiates a referral with parental permission. After receiving a SWF referral number, the QRS writes the referral number on a program referral form, signs the form, and gives it to the student and/or parents.

The referred student is given the referral form and a list of private therapists who have agreed to see SWF clients.

All therapists in the SWF program are private therapists who are licensed, maintain malpractice insurance, have experience with teens at risk for suicide, and have agreed to see SWF clients at a drastically reduced hourly rate.

SWF will pay for a student to visit a program therapist up to 20 times. (Eight visits are automatically approved at the time of the initial referral. More visits require additional information.)

State officials and private therapists note that, to the best of their knowledge, our programís structure is unique. We receive requests to duplicate services and expand the program from communities throughout the United States.

Services Provided
Behavioral Health,Counseling,Suicide Prevention,Support

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