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Tuesday SEP, 25 2018
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Phoenix Recovery Programs

Phoenix Recovery Programs
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Phoenix Recovery Programs
2055 White Bear Avenue North
Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: (651) 209-0560
Fax: (651) 282-0575

Phoenix Recovery Programs is a private non-profit organization providing residential and outpatient services to adolescent and young adult men recovering from alcohol/drug addiction. Each residence is licensed through the Minnesota Department of Corrections as a group foster home, and has a licensed alcohol and drug counselor on staff.

Both our inpatient and outpatient programs are licensed through the Minnesota Department of Human Services as treatment providers dealing with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health disorder in an integrated setting.

We provide counseling, education, structure and guidance to adolescent and young adult men and their families in their struggle with substance abuse and criminal behaviors. The desired outcome of our programs is a responsible and productive young adult in recovery from drug addiction.
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Services Provided
Criminal Justice/Offenders,Mental Health,Substance Abuse

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