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Wednesday SEP, 19 2018
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Malibu Horizon

Malibu Horizon
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Malibu Horizon
Confidential, CA 99999
Phone: 818-889-4012

A Modern, Medical, Individualized Approach of Treatment

Every aspect of our program is built upon a solid scientific foundation, and our approach to substance abuse treatment is clinically proven to be effective in overcoming alcoholism and/or addiction. You may pay more at other treatment centers, or remain in treatment longer, or even be compelled to adhere to a rigid schedule of menial labor - but none of these approaches can assure you the lasting recovery we offer at Malibu Horizon. Malibu Horizon treats addiction in all its forms - alcohol, drug and behavioral addiction.

Addiction is primarily the result of changes in the brain function. This means that a major goal of treatment must be either to reverse or compensate for those changes. The most successful treatment methods are the ones that change brain chemistry or correct the brain's chemical imbalance.
Depression, Anxiety and Bi-Polar Disorder - Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorder, is when a person is suffering from substance abuse and a simultaneous mood disorder such as depression, bi-polar or anxiety, panic disorder. The most effective form of treatment for these conditions is treating both of the conditions at the same time. This is very important in the dual diagnosis treatment process.
A Dynamic Biological - Psychological - Sociological Approach

At Malibu Horizon we treat the whole patient, not just their substance abuse or mental disorder. Addiction is a chronic medical condition, a brain disorder. Just as hypertension and asthma have biological, psychological and social components, so does alcoholism and addiction. The diabetic can live a normal life with life adjustments and the recovering alcoholic or addict can live a normal life with their own life adjustments. A plan for a life of sobriety and relapse prevention techniques is a group focus at Malibu Horizon.
Addicts and alcoholics often abuse drugs or alcohol as a way of self-medicating themselves, both physically as well as psychologically. When a person suffers from low blood sugar, for example, they will often use alcohol or drugs to help them feel better, right away.

Services Provided
Chemical Dependency,Mental Health,Substance Abuse

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Malibu Horizon Confidential, CA Company Information and Description